Why Virtual Tours Are The Next Big Thing

By the RPP Team
April 19, 2022

Virtual tours are a huge part of showing real estate, and you’ve probably noticed that they’ve become very popular lately. Virtual tours only came onto the scene within the last few decades, though. In fact, the first ever virtual tour was created in 1994 – it allowed museum visitors to explore England’s Dudley Castle as it was in 1550.

Since then, virtual tours have significantly evolved, as a way for viewers to immerse themselves in foreign environments from the comfort of their own home. And, they’ve become a fundamental part of real estate listings. One study even found that web visitors tend to remain on a site with virtual tours 5-10 times longer than sites without them. But why are they so popular?

Here are 3 reasons why virtual tours are the next big thing (and why you should have a virtual tour with your next listing):

1. Kicks COVID Woes

When social distancing, mask mandates, maximum occupancy limits and lockdowns came into our lives in 2020, home inspections became harder to plan and attend. With these rules and uncertainties in mind, prospective buyers began to rely more and more on online experiences throughout the home search journey.

Having a virtual viewing in your back pocket means that if anything crops up and cancels your potential home viewing (or keeps prospective buyers away from your home), you’ll still be able to have that exposure for your home. Plus, interstate buyers can explore your home with ease too! (There ain’t no harm in expanding the market!

2. 24/7 Property Access

Virtual tours give potential buyers 24/7 access to explore your property in the digital scape. Any time of the day or night, people can take a peek at what your home has to offer. As we know, many ‘traditional’ home viewings take place during business hours, which means that a lot of prospective buyers may be at work and unable to attend.

Virtual tours give prospective buyers the opportunity to explore what your home has to offer at their own time and pace. And, without having to leave their home, or be in any sort of social situation, buyers tend to be a lot more relaxed about these types of inspections. Plus, listings with a virtual tour tend to get greater exposure than competing listings that do not. So don’t be surprised when those enquiries start flooding in!

3. Gives More Information

A virtual tour tends to give viewers a lot more visual information than any photograph could. It allows prospective buyers to really see what your space has to offer, and even better, it gives them the opportunity to imagine themselves living there. That live-in vibe is extremely important when it comes to capturing a prospective buyers’ interest as well.

Real estate is an insanely competitive market – one that is moving more and more online. Professional photos and floor plans are extremely helpful when it comes to generating interest, extending your reach, and showing your property. But nothing gives a buyer an immersive experience like a virtual tour they can self-pace and engage with at any time.

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